Medical TapFilter Cartridge Sterile (Drinking)

Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacteria point-of-use protection for showers from the trusted Pentair shower filter available in sterile configuration.

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Pentair Medical TapFilter Cartridge Drinking - with its anti-microbial construction resists the bacteria growth 

Designed specifically for the medical and healthcare sector, the Pentair Filtrix range of tap filters provide a guaranteed source of water, free from Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacterial contaminations. This advanced range of filters provide instant protection for areas experiencing elevated plate counts and ensure a consistently pure water supply for washing and rinsing. With simple screwed connection to standard sink taps, installation is fast and easy. The unique Quick-Connect replacement cartridges are simple to remove with the push of a button.

Patient safety in hospitals is of vital importance, especially in high-risk areas such as hematology, oncology, burn units and intensive care units. One of the main concerns is the risk of bacterial infections which can be caused by microbiologically contaminated shower and tap water. Waterborne pathogens can accumulate in biofilm located within the plumbing system, even if a hospital disinfects water at the point-of-entry (POE). The pathogens can then be transmitted to patients when the water is used for their care. Pentair, a specialist in water purification solutions, developed a new generation of point-of-use (POU) membrane filters for shower heads and water faucets designed specifically for use in medical facilities. The TapFilter provide easyand reliable protection at the last possible moment before patient contact. 

The Medical Tap Filter is similar to the shower set however is configured to adapt to standard tap spouts and provides validated protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacteria. Providing instant protection for areas experiancing high plate counts, these filters are ideal for critical areas such as theatres, intensive care and other high risk applications. Replacement cartridges are easy to change by staff or maintenance personnel.

The sterile range is validated for 35 consecutive days of use and incorporates anti-microbial properties in on the green outlet cap, providing added protection from bacteria growth from handling.

Why choose a Pentair tapfilter:

  • Pentair Filtrix showers filters provide instant protection from waterborne infections and bacteria
  • Reliable, easy protection at the last possible moment before patient or staff contact
  • 0.2 Micron absolute rated hollow fibre membrane provides a validated barrier to bacteria, fungi and particulate
  • Simple replacement of filter cartridges using operator key 
  • Sterile range includes bacteriostatic housing materials to suppress bacteria growth

Product specification

Bacteria retention (2)

> 99.99999% (Log 7)

Fungal retention (2)

> 99.99% (Log 4)

Filter Media

Capillary microfiltration membranes

Micron Rating

0,2 μ

Chlorine exposure

1.200 ppm for total of 10 hours during lifetime

Initial flow rate (1)

4 l/min (1 Gpm)

Max. operating pressure

6 bar

Operating temperature

min. 0 oC, max. 40 oC
70 oC for 30 min @ 2 bar during lifetime

Storage & Handling

• Keep dry during storage; protect against freezing after first use
• Handle with care; do not expose to shocks
• Disposable product; discard as regular waste


KIWA, KTW, WRAS, CE Medical Class I(s)

1) Adapter to 24 mm, 1/2” male & female thread available
2) Tested according to ASTM F838-05 using Pseudomonas diminuta by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands
    Tested based on NSF P231 using Klebsiella terrigena by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands
    Tested based on NSF P231 using Legionella pneumophila by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands
    Tested based on NSF P231 using Aspergillus fumigatus by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands

Pentair X-Flow Medical Water Filters - Mode of operation