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Our company, Aqua Solutions, Ltd., was established in 2006 and is focusing on the applications within the area of Water Treatment and Purification. We cooperate with internationally renowned companies with nearly one-hundred-year experience which are leaders on the market of water treatment. Together with our highly experienced employees, external experts and authorities which are regularly testing and proving our products, we are highly specialized in the applications and professional solutions for drinking water, desalination, waste water and water transport. Company is certyfied according ISO 9001:2008 by URS.

Our solutions exploits our deep knowledge and experience on the market of membrane technologies for water treatment and provide complex solutions for waste water treatment plants, both in industrial and residential sector. Our company offers water purification membrane technology systems for crisis situations (civilian and military using) and for buildings (hotels, hospitals etc.). We also cooperate on the level of treatment of high quality drinking water for households, health facilities, hotels, canteens, schools, sports and public facilities. Almost all products based of membrane technology are accepted and certified by NATO (NATO Stock Number).

„The company places strong emphasis on professional growth, development of skills and knowledge of our employees."

Our company offers top quality products with membrane technology, which will play a key role in terms of drinking, supply and waste water treatment worldwide in the future. Regarding environmental commitments, this segment will also have a high growth potential in upcoming periods.

The company places strong emphasis on professional growth, development of skills and knowledge of our employees. Only such continuously motivated personnel are able to secure company´s adaptability on the rapidly changing market. Identification of market opportunities provides stability and a potential for further development of the company. Company´s aim is to make long-term, functional partnerships, with application of the win – win strategy, where each cooperating party profits from the cooperation.

Dear Sir / Madam, we believe that you will find our products and solutions, experiences and capabilities interesting and contributional. We will be happy with together with our colleagues and experts to prove our ability also in your country.

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Imrich Vaclav
Company owner

Aqua Solutions, s.r.o.
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Company is registered in the Companies Registry of the District Court of Nitra, The Slovak Republic