Water softeners

What is hard water or why should I be interested in it?

You certainly know problems connected with limescale in the shower or in household appliances (kettles, coffee machines, washing machines, water heaters and alike). In case of limescale caused by hard water, it is necessary to mention mainly the negative influence on lifetime of household appliances or higher costs for household operation, such as dishwasher salt, more demanding heating of water, not totally dissolved washing powder, dishes not properly washed, faster wear and tear of clothes and alike. Limescale sediments have negative effect in the whole complex of equipment securing heating of water; depreciate pipeline, water heaters, and eventually also water taps. Massive energy losses (up to 30 %) also occur as a result of limescale presence.
On the other hand, women know from their experience that soap is easily dissolved in soft water, washing is easier, washing powder is better dissolved (smaller doses without the use of fabric softeners are sufficient). Also, hair is softer after washing, the skin is not as dry as after being washed by hard water.

What causes hardness of water or why is water hard?

Hard water is caused by more dissolved calcium and magnesium salts in water. In case of laboratory conditions, water hardness is stated in mmol/l (see schedule below) or also in dH and ppm, according to German standards. Technical specifications of devices also mostly state dH and ppm.

Water hardness units




ppm CaCO3


1 mmol/l






Schedule: Simple calculation schedule among different standards

Water from the springs rich in precipitation, which comes from poorly soluble rock layers, is soft. On the other hand, water is harder in the areas which are poor in precipitation. Water is very hard also in the areas with occurrence of limestone and gypsum.

How can we soften hard water?

Water can be softened in several ways. Either by boiling, distillation or by a more comfortable and modern way - by using a water softener. Water softener is technological equipment "producing" soft water to be used in your household or at the workplace, by means of a simple principle. Water softener works automatically, without any operating staff. Your only task will be to fill up the salts, approximately once a month. Salt is necessary for correct operation of softener. Such treated water is suitable for consumption, like drinking or cooking. Through installing a water softener in your household, you are decreasing the costs and possible future investments in water pipelines or household appliances that come in contact with water. Water softener is ideal protection against limescale. The water softeners we sell come from renowned producers, such as Fileder Filter Systems Ltd, Villagepump BV, Jotem Waterbehandeling BV and Akvoregia with long-term experience in the area of water processing, where we have exclusive representation.

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